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Commisson Junction rolls out CJXBeta to more users

March 10th, 2011

Commission Junction has a widgety-like thingy (that’s a technical term for you tech folks out there) that supposedly rotates banners for you based on both context and performance.

I’ve been watching CJXBeta for months since it was rolled out to selected Beta testers, and it seems like, like everything else we do, it will help you make more money if have good traffic already and you have something relevant to offer your visitors.

Here’s what CJ says it does:

CJXbeta will rotate ads through your site based not only on context, but also based on performance. First it analyzes the content on your site, then the engine will select the most appropriate ads from the available ad inventory. In addition, the engine looks at performance and will place high performing ads over ads that have fallen short. It is important to know that you will not need to be joined to the advertiser programs of CJX advertisers in order to earn commissions. Each advertiser has loaded a separate campaign into CJX that can be either CPC or CPA.

WOW…did you notice this? you will not need to be joined to the advertiser programs of CJX advertisers in order to earn commissions.

It’s really easy to get in on the Beta testing too. Just log into your CJ account and click the tab that says CJXBeta. I applied and I’ll let you know what happens.

Grab one folks. Test it out. See if it helps you make more money. And let us all know in this space.

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The Scattered Web Entrepreneur

March 10th, 2011

I’m a fan of Mark’s database of offers is a great resource if you’re looking for new ideas and trying to squeeze the most money out of the ideas you already have.

Mark also has interesting guests that come and offer webinars. I got an email recently about a webinar they were offering, and it sounded like they used me as the model:

Our group of presenters is lead by Dr. Veit U.B. Schenk, who has a PhD in medical imaging and a background in brain research. For the last 14 years, he has worked as a coach and he has helped countless people gain deep insights into the REAL reasons why they’re struggling so they can turn around their lives easily and effortlessly.

Hmmmm….where do I sign?

In this short, to-the-point but full of actionable gems presentation, you’ll discover:

  • •Why most Online entrepreneurs are struggling to build a solid Online business that feels like fun, instead of hard work, and how you can turn struggle into abundance in 5 easy steps;
  • The ONE big reason underlying 99% of all cases of overwhelm or lack of focus (resulting in you jumping from one opportunity to another) and how you can find that laser-like focus quickly and easily;
  • The scientifically proven way of eradicating any “bad” habit (like surfing the forums or checking your stats and email instead of finishing your current project) and replacing it with an empowering, money making new habit.
  • How to supercharge your imagination with a fun game that’s been proven effective in releasing the choke hold of poverty consciousness that can keep you stuck and broke!

Your Presenters have lots of education, three doctorates!! But it’s tempered with a sense of fun and tons of practical, real world experience in helping people get results!

My partner is always telling me that I save things until the last minute. That I don’t work efficiently. Blah Blah Blah (love ya babe!). So I remembered this email the other day and thought it sounded really good.

I was having trouble concentrating that day but I decided that I was indeed going to go for it. I would get a lot out of it and I would blog about it here.

It took me a long time to dig up the email in the mess I have of a filing system but I got it and I was excited and ready to go.

The webinar was last week.


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Policing the Internet – Empty Promises

March 8th, 2011

I have SO much stuff to share with everyone, but this came into my email tonight and I had to get it posted right away.

The FTC is cracking down on websites that falsely promise guaranteed jobs and opportunities to “be your own boss” to consumers who are struggling with unemployment and diminished incomes as a consequence of the economic downturn.

Wow…they’re not screwing around..This is serious alphabet soup here. This is the DOJ, the FTC, the USPS and various and sundry Attorneys General. Of course what struck me right away is all of these politicians accusing OTHER PEOPLE of empty promises.

Seriously folks, use your heads. Don’t spend you hard earned money on something that sounds too good to be true. Here’s a secret I use when I’m trying to figure out if something is legit or not. Take the product you’re questioning and google it along with the word SUCKS and/or SCAM. So in other words, if you’re looking up United Widgets, Google United Widgets Sucks or United Widget Scam. This way you will get any complaints about that company or that product to rise to the top of the Google results.
Read more…

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Darren Rowse $3 mil Matt DeAngelis 4000 dogs – but I’m back

March 8th, 2011

Hi everyone!

As Bruce Springsteen once said, I went out for a ride and I never went back.

Way back when in 2006 Darren Rouse was getting famous with his Problogger Blog, and I made a splash when I bought this domain AffiliateBlog for $2500, enough to make a splash and get on a list. Imagine that.

My intention was to blog about Internet Marketing and affiliate programs and all kinds of related stuff have fun doing it.

Unfortunately a good friend of mine, Sara Whalen, died of cancer that year, leaving her life’s work, Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary, in a shambles. I had to make a choice, and I chose Pets Alive. Together with my partner and good friend Kerry Clair we built Pets Alive back up and four years later I am back here and Kerry is still going strong at Pets Alive as things continue to get better and better. More than 4000 animals are still alive because of our efforts and the efforts of the dedicated staff and volunteers, and it was quite a ride.

I kept my hand in Internet Marketing and SEO. Not as much as I’d like to, but I set up some test domains and methodologies that are still working today. I turned to my test sites when the Google Panda update was announced, and I have a lot of interesting stuff to tell you about that and other things.

I look forward to working with all of you again and hope you tell your friends I”m back.

I have some great ideas as well. I see Darren wants you to pay $5.95 a month to hear what he has to say. Good for him. I won’t ever charge for my stuff. I have an idea for a premium service that includes a weekly analysis of all the major affiliate networks with their top performing programs. I’ll be rolling that out as soon as I get around to rewriting the spider I wrote back in 2006.

I just did a little digging and apparently Darren has between 45,000 and 48,000 subscribers each month to his community. That’s $3 million a year. I am speechless. God Bless him. Wow. And then he wrote a book too.

Wow…but I still have 70 subscribers to my feed. 70. Thanks. Bet you’ve been wondering why I’m not there anymore. You probably were just too lazy to delete me. Well now it’s gonna pay off for you. Email me and I’ll give you some free phone time just for hanging in there.

I’m looking forward to writing again and working with everyone. I think I can offer a unique perspective and we can have a lot of fun together. So sign up for the email digest because I have some great stuff coming down the pike and I’d like to share it with you.

It’s great to be back!

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Another stupid idea from Google – video ads

May 24th, 2006

I’ve said it a gajillion times, and I’m going to say it again…there are a thousand eggheads out there in Santa Clara, and this is the best they can come up with?

In case you haven’t heard, Google is going to offer a Pay-Per-Click video ad product. They’re going to run it through AdSense and we can’t opt out — we’re going to get video ads whether we like them or not. Read more…

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Advanced Pay-Per-Click strategies

May 24th, 2006

There’s an interesting report available from, written by their CTO Joe Laratro. The report is available through eMarketer FYI.

The report is split up into Budget Strategies, Bidding Strategies, Keyword Strategies and Ad Copy Strategies. I’m going to go over a few below. Read more…

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Top 10 Programs at Commission Junction this week

May 22nd, 2006

Well, the Pneumonia’s wearing off and I got the chance to reconfigure and run the spider yesterday. The usual suspects are in the top results with a few newcomers. Read more…

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Tips for PPC ad relevance

May 20th, 2006

Great Article from Kevin Lee. Kevin says that to be successful in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, your PPC ads should strive to be as relevant as, if not more so than your competitors, and you should endeavor to make your ads more relevant than the organic/algorithmic results in every engine. Read more…

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How Microsoft will crush Google

May 20th, 2006

Let me start by saying that my cough medicine has liquid Vicodin in it, so that is my defense for any missteps or lawsuits or any other actions that might be -uh- actionable.

So the headline on Jimmy Daniels’ Revenews post is this: Gates says we will crush Google. Read more…

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Are the big retailers using Search Marketing to squeeze out affiliates?

May 18th, 2006

I’ve been holding Wayne Porter’s Revenews article for some time now, thinking about the same question he contemplates.

His article starts with a reference to Jeff Molander’s ThoughtShapers blog where Jeff cites data that shows the big retailers are spending less on affiliate marketing and directing the money toward search engine marketing. Read more…

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