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Viral copywriting ideas

A couple posts ago I discussed viral marketing and how it is an important factor in building a successful web site. There’s a great find by Yaro Starek in his Entrepreneur’s Journey blog today. It’s a report titled The Viral Copy report, and it’s written by Brian Clark of CopyBlogger.

The first thing I noticed in reading the report is that the report itself is viral in nature. Brian encourages the reader to distribute and reproduce copies of the report and bits and pieces. Obviously it works because I’m writing this entry.

You should get the report. I put a link to it below. I’d also like to list here Brian’s four viral copy strategies out in the Blogosphere:

1. Publicity Stunts
2. Resources
3. Irresistible Offers
4. Meme Propagation

While Brian is writing about blogs mostly, I found that most of what he says can be applicable to websites as well.

The report is here in PDF format.

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