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Want more intel on links people are clicking? – You have GOT to see this!

I have come across one of the coolest uses of Ajax I have seen so far, and there are versions for both ASP and PHP.

First you need to download the script, create a database and add a little javascript to your site. Then when you go to a page on your site and hit CTRL-X (or ALT-X on you get a page overlay that has a label over every link that shows you what percentage of total clicks can be attributed to each link. This shows you how well the link and the position are doing on your site. I love this application because it shows all of the links on the page together on the page.

Here’s a sample:

For you programmers out there I’m sure you could come up with a ton of stuff you can do with this. I think it’s very cool and is a great visual aid (I tend to digest better with pictures than text, so this is for me).

You can get the PHP version at and the ASP version (along with much more information and an even cooler application) at has an example you can play with.

2 Responses to “Want more intel on links people are clicking? – You have GOT to see this!”

  1. Bart Calixto Says:

    It is CTRL X not ALT X, looks stupid but I was pressing ALT X for about 20 seconds before realizing it was CTRL, and was very annoying. I got back to your page to recheck, and yes, you have ALT X.

    Well, btw, nice article on SiteProNews: Domain Name Insanity
    Does Your Name Really Matter?

    I’m a hard SEO and Marketing Advisor and I cannot agree more than you.


  2. Matt DeAngelis Says:

    HOW STRANGE…on the PHP version at it is CTRL-X, and on the ASP version on it is ALT-X.

    Good catch.