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Affiliate Blog gets a makeover

It’s been almost two months in the making, but we’ve redesigned the web site. You told me you wanted more information, and I jammed as much as I could on each page. And there’s more.

Some highlights:

1. A HotBlock at the top of every page. That’s the long, reddish box at the top here with all kinds of stuff in it. The HotBlock gives me a chance to highlight whatever I want at the top of every page. Sometimes it will be a particular site, product, or whatever I feel like putting in there. It will vary by page as soon as I finish the code, but right now it’s the same.

2. The most popular posts on the left sidebar. I always like to see what everyone else is reading, so this gives you a chance to take a look at what everyone else finds interesting.

3. Top programs at different networks on the right sidebar. There’s a block titled Featured Affiliate Programs, and it will rotate the top programs at the different sites I spider. I set it up so that when the spider goes through a site it automagically updates all the information on this site.

4. A FAQ. It took me almost a week to write it, but it’s done. There’s a lot of good stuff in there.

5. Sticky Posts and Pages up top. There are three sections – Introduction, Tips & Hints, and Answers.

And I think the retro design is really quite smashing. Kudos to Rachel Cunliffe of Cre8Design for the great job.

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