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Click Fraud: Not as bad as everyone thought

Interesting information out from a company called Click Forensics. Remember all of the hemming and hawing, lawsuits and general rigamarole about Google and others screwing their advertisers out of money for ads that were fraudulently clicked? Apparently it wasn’t as bad as everyone thought.

Click Forensics created what they call the Click Fraud Index, which measures the instances of Click Fraud using reporting tools they have developed. Some interesting stuff:

1. The rate of click fraud, thought to be somewhere between 20 and 35%, is actually somewhere in the neighborhood of 13.7%.

2. Click fraud is actually lower at the top tier search engines like Google and Yahoo, around 12.7%. Tier 2: 21% Tier 3: 29%

3. 90% of the click fraud originates in the US, not some former Soviet Bloc country or overseas.

More information can be found at MarketingVox.

One Response to “Click Fraud: Not as bad as everyone thought”

  1. Andrew Johnson Says:

    Its about time some honest click fraud stories made the news. I’ve been running a bunch of PPC campaigns lately and tracking them with a 3rd party tool. One of the 3rd tier networks sent me several hundred bad clicks, but they discounted all of them. Google has sent me a few bad clicks, but not enough to even feel.