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Different ways to make money online

There are plenty of different revenue streams you can create for your site. I’m going to list all of the ones I can think of, and I hope you’ll email me if you can think of any more.

Here they are:

1. Direct sales – By this I mean products or services you create or initiate. If you manufacture a product or sell your services, you can take orders online.

2. Subscriptions – This is a great way to sell information as an ezine, newsletter or tip sheet.

3. Members site – People pay to enter a members only part of the site. Many sites offer a free version with advertising and a members only version with more detailed info and few or no ads.

4. PPC Network Advertising – These are ads from companies like Google or Yahoo! that display text or banner ads based on the context of the page.

5. Affiliate Sales – These are ads from merchants you choose for relevance to your visitors. They are usually pay-per-action (lead or sale usually).

6. CPM Network Advertising – For higher traffic sites, CPM networks where you get paid for impressions, like Casale or FastClick (Now ValueClick Media). This also includes popups and popunders, which are both quite annoying.

7. Text Link Ad Sales – You can sell text links on your site through places like TextLink Ads. You can also advertise links for sale on SitePoint or Dnforum.

8. Direct Ad Sales – Sites like AdBrite act as intermediaries in selling ad inventory on your site.

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