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My Article Marketing tips and resources

My last post was getting kind of long, so I thought I would list my article tips and resources separately.

First, the tips:

1. Pick an interesting and engaging subject. No one wants to read about boring stuff. Do your research. Go see what people in your category are writing, and see how many people are downloading it and adding it to their sites. Pick a couple of articles that have subjects you want to write about and plug the exact title into Google with quotation marks around it (“Complete and exact article title”). Then see how many times it pops up. Ten is good. Twenty is better. More than twenty is stellar.

2. Pick a good title. Try to think like the reader. What can you put in the title to engage and interest the reader? Try to find a voice somewhere between soft-selling expert and carnival barker. Don’t use hyperbole unless it is satirical, and don’t make overblown claims that will turn people off.

3. Write well. Please…keep the cliches to a minimum, use good grammar and spell-check your work. Have someone proofread the article for spelling and grammar.

4. Watch the length. People argue about this, but I like to keep my articles in the 500 – 1500 word range.

5. Say something interesting. Give people some useful information. I’ve read many articles that are like Chinese food…you dig in based on the title and come up hungry and unsatisfied. Don’t sacrifice good content for short length.

6. Don’t hard sell in the article. People aren’t reading the article as a sales pitch — they want information. Save everything else for the bio box, where you should give them some incentive to visit your site.

Now…here are the sites I submit to every day: (with article distribution) – you need to be approved as a writer, and the jury is still out on the reach. – Bid $5 to get a star next to a different article each week. The articles with bids get double the traffic. – Probably my second best download site. – Not sure if this is a good one or not. The user interface is marginal.

Now go get writing.

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  1. Jon Morrow Says:

    I’ll try out isnare. I’ve heard several recommendations from them. Ezine is clearly the best, but I’ve also gotten some good results from