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Peeking Into the Mind of my Google Searchers

The vast majority of visitors to this website are return visitors, or come directly in from a link from elsewhere. For this I thank each and every one of you for coming here the first time and then adding me to your bookmarks or RSS feeds.

There is a growing number of people that come in via search engines. Of this number, 78% of those people come from Google, 8% Yahoo, 4% MSN and 8% other or unknown.

As the number of pages on the site increases, the number of people getting here via search engines also increases. I enjoy studying my log files, because whatever conclusions I come to will help me better tailor my content to my users, and doing that will get me more users, which will make me more money. Plus it’s fun (I know, I’m a dork).

So last night I grabbed the section from my awstats control panel that shows me what search phrases people used to get to my site. Here’s what people are searching for when they come to my site. Remember, phrases, not words. Words alone are usually too general for this exercise.

Here are the phrase categories:

1. Specific names of people making a lot of money on the Internet (20.51%) . The most popular names (a tie) are Mook-Jon (We are the #7 result) and Markus007 combined with website, site, money. I can’t find this site anywhere in those results, which suggests that more people have published info on Markus007 and we dropped out, or people are going really far into the search results. Conclusion: People are looking for specific examples of how to make money on the Internet when they come here.

2. Direct (18.28%). These are people typing in some permutation of affiliateblog. The most popular is affiliate blog, which not only describes what this site is, but is the name of the site. Conclusion: If you want to rank high in organic search results, it is important to have your keywords in your name. If you read Domain Name Insanity you would already know that.

3. Words from articles and posts (12.00%). What Does Your Name Really Mean is the #1 phrase. This is the second half of the title for the post Domain Name Insanity, which was also featured in SiteProNews, a newsletter with a huge subscriber base. Conclusion: This is further proof that titles are important. I also think that people forget where they read something then remember part of it and try to find it. Lastly, think people were wondering where my articles are published and went looking for them.

4. Specific affiliate programs (10.88%). Shoe Affiliate RSS was the most popular. Conclusion: People are looking for specific affiliate programs and RSS feeds and aren’t really finding them. I couldn’t find AffiliateBlog in the results but people still found us.

5. Generic phrases that appear in my postings (9.62%). For example, someone got here searching for ClickBank Landing Page. These words appear in ClickBank Hucksters. Conclusion: if you write about popular stuff people will find you, and you never know what words people will use to get to you.

6. Similar phrases (9.62%). These are mostly one and two at a time. My favorite is commission junction non payment of commission. I know I never said that in any post. Conclusion: Same as #5.

7. Sites I mentioned (7.17%) . The most popular was Shareasale. We are on the second page of results. Conclusion: If you are a resource for something people are looking for that is not widely covered, you’ll get traffic regardless of where you appear in the search results (very interesting).

8. Totally unrelated phrases (7.17%). My favorite? Where does the name alexa come from. Conclusion: Same one — if you write about popular subjects that people are interested in they will find you, and you never now what they’re going to search for.

9. People I’ve written about (4.75%). The most popular name is Sara Whalen, the Executive Director of Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary, where we got our Bandit, our Shepherd Collie mix that died recently, and who I still miss every day. His story is My Pal Bandit, and it is the 10th most popular post on this blog, though it is buried on the last page of posts, I have not released it as an article, and I did not post it anywhere. Conclusion: You never know which posts will be popular, and which will be blessed by true viral distribution — people telling other people about them.

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