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Advanced Pay-Per-Click strategies

There’s an interesting report available from, written by their CTO Joe Laratro. The report is available through eMarketer FYI.

The report is split up into Budget Strategies, Bidding Strategies, Keyword Strategies and Ad Copy Strategies. I’m going to go over a few below.

In Budgeting Strategies Joe covers Day Parting, where you might want to change bid strategies throughout the day and possibly turn off bids at different times of the day, and Day Excluding, where you may want to turn off your campaign during certain days or even seasons.

Beginners might want to take a look at Bidding Strategies, where Joe puts into words the typical strategies people use intuitively, including Maximum Cost-Per-Click (self-explanatory), and Bid to ROI, where bids can automatically be adjusted based on pre-defined performance metrics. I liked Maximize Clicks for the Given Spend – If the daily budget is stable and being reached every day, a very quick optimization technique would be to lower the max click rates to find the sweet spot where the daily budget is just met each day. This optimization drives more clicks at a
lower rate.
Sounds good.

Joe also covers other strategies for keywords and ad copy. The report is worth a read, though it may result in a sales call from

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