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eBay to Integrate Skype, Paypal

eBay plans to integrate its Skype voice over IP service into the auction marketplace to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers.

This is the reason eBay bought Skype, after all.

Whitman also said eBay would create new ecommerce markets and showed a prototype of a “pay-per-lead” enabled web page using Skype. (Also called Pay-Per-Call)

eBay will also integrate Skype and PayPal, so users can order items or services and pay for transactions while on the phone with a service provider. Not sure how this is going to work (or why), but I’m sure eBay has a plan.

Says Meg: Across all of our businesses, we see greater opportunities for future growth than ever before. Each of our brands is the global leader in its space and well positioned to pursue new opportunities and accelerate growth. Together, they’re working to turbo charge one another. Our multi-brand strategy is opening up entirely new vistas of opportunity for the company.

Some of those opportunities: How about an ad-based phone service? eBay was peddling that idea when they bought Skype last October, but we haven’t heard more about this. I would gladly pay $30 a month for unlimited phone service (that’s what I pay) so I don’t have to listen to any ads.

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