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Hijacking MySpace

Cnet news has an interesting article about how people are using MySpace for fame and fortune.

They profile a guy by the name of Brandon Hoffman who works for a company called KEA Advertising in Valley Cottage, N.Y. He builds profiles for car dealers then goes out looking for friends. He uses what cNet calls software tools to find his prospects.

The tools turn out to be a basic screen-scraper-based data mining tool and a bulletin blaster to ask people if they want to be added to the friends list.

Via a simple interface, the tools also let them send the same comment, which could include a promo, to a mass of member profiles or enable them to mass-mail an invite to an event. There are other features, such as a function that will prevent any messages being sent to abandoned MySpace profiles.

It reminds me of an email address gathering bot and a spamming program, only it works in MySpace. Of course this is against the MySpace Terms of Service (TOS), but that’s not stopping the spammers.

What I found interesting is the fact that some of this software can get around a captcha, the random letters and numbers that ensure only a human is entering submitting the form, not a script.


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