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How I made a million dollars in three months – The Podcast

Good catch by Darren Rouse of ProBlogger, who points out the 2WebCrew Interview of Markus Frind of

Here’s the blurb:

Duncan Riley and Richard Giles talk with Markus Frind from, the largest free dating site in the world with over 15 million pageviews a day.

Markus is a one man show, earning $10,000 a day from Google’s Adsense. In fact, he mentioned after the show that that number is now dated. We discuss his business, how he runs it on only several Window’s systems (Microsoft’s perfect advertisement), Adsense, SEO’s getting into web sites development, his web design (or lack of), and the normal question about whether it’s a good time to start a web business.

Give it a listen.

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