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How one company increased conversions more than 40%

Here’s an interesting research finding from The Marketing Experiments Journal that I came across on iMediaConnection that seems intuitively correct.

The idea is that you can increase your conversion rate by adding a human presence and voice to your sales page.

You keep the strong sales element, but you put it in the voice of a person, and add credibility factors like a photograph and signature.

The Marketing Experiments Journal conducted an experiement…they created two different offer pages. The changes made to the text were minimal. On the new page they made minor changes to have the text written in the first person.

They then added a photo of the writer, listed his qualifications and added his signature towards the end of the page.

Here are the results:

Human Presence Offer Page – 957 Visitors, 86 Sales, 8.99% Conversion Rate
Original Offer Page – 923 Visitors, 59 Sales, 6.39% Conversion Rate

The version of the page which included the author’s photograph, qualifications and signature improved conversion by 40.7 percent.

Their conclusion? As we have noticed elsewhere in previous tests, the addition of a genuine human presence to a page builds confidence, reassures the reader and often increases conversion rates significantly.

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