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Old computer dorks never die…

Okay, here’s a quick one for us old timers.

I bought a beautiful, top of the line Sony Vaio laptop a few weeks ago. My old laptop (a less powerful version of the same computer) is going to the guys and gals of the USMC from Connecticut stationed in Fallujah (who cares if I spell it right). So I’m transferring all my stuff to the new laptop when I notice that it has no parallel printer port. My HP LaserJet 4 Plus has tremendous sentimental value, as it was given to me by a fellow consultant at Modem Media. It is a product of the Internet revolution, and it means a lot to me.

So I called Sony’s technical support and asked them why their top of the line laptop doesn’t have a parallel printer port. Her answer?

I’m not familiar with those. Is that the one that looks sort of like a keyboard connector and twists into place?

My response — How old are you?


Oh. Deep sigh. Never mind. I hung up the phone and set up a networked printer off the spider server.

…they just lose their memory or …they just revert to cleartext.

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