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Revenge of the fat, balding middle-aged men

I’ve been blogging about how the Internet creates the perfect market for years. The concept is simple: removing the constraints of the physical world such as geography, the exact buyer looking for every item can find that item. That’s why eBay works so well, and why my wife sometimes observes that stuff sells on eBay for more than she pays at the mall.

We’ve also got a perfect market for people with similar interests as well, which is why online dating works so well — removal of the constraints of the physical world can help two compatible people find each other.

I got this email recently:

Please tell your wife that your writing makes me fall head over heels in love with you as a person. I absolutely love your style.

My response says it all:

Where else can a fat, balding, middle aged Italian guy get FAN MAIL!

Fan mail. I actually get fan mail. I know my fan reads this blog, so I don’t want to embarass her, but thanks for making my day. Week. Month.

The Internet RULES.

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