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Top 10 Internet Advertisers

Here’s something I found on – a list of the top 10 Internet advertisers for March 2006.

Here they are, with the amount and the category:

1 Vonage $22,443,000 Tech
2 $13,011,000 Misc
3 Monster $12,660,000 Class
4 Ameritrade $9,897,000 Finance
5 Netflix $9,449,000 Entertainment
6 Scottrade $9,031,000 Finance
7 E*Trade Financial $7,599,000 Finance
8 $7,046,000 Finance
9 Forex Capital Markets ( $6,971,000 Finance
10 Cingular Wireless $6,025,000 Technology/Cellular

Comments? Vonage spent $22 million on ads in a month. Holy Toledo, that’s a lot of cash. Vonage is spending $150 – $200 per customer for acquisition cost to get them in as fast as they can.

That being said, can you catch what these ten companies have in common? They all expect high customer acquisition costs ($175 – $300), and all rely on recurring revenue and/or a high ticket to amortize that cost.

The thing I found most interesting is that seven out of ten of those companies has an affiliate program. So the smart people would be adding their ads to their rotation, as $22,000,000 a month buys a lot of recognition. As you know, most people need to see the ad a few times to click on it.

Let’s hope that magical conversion click comes from your site.

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