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Top 10 Programs at Commission Junction this week

Well, the Pneumonia’s wearing off and I got the chance to reconfigure and run the spider yesterday. The usual suspects are in the top results with a few newcomers.

Here’s the table:




Business Type

Cookie Life




Structured Settlement Alliance

$ 4.42

Lead: $40.00 US


45 days
Merrick Mattress

$ 2.88

Sale: 10.00% US


45 days

$ 2.64

Sale: $10.00 – $45.00


14 days

$ 2.61

Sale: $100.00 US

Web Hosting/Servers

120 days

$ 2.51

Lead: $0.00 – $55.00


120 days

$ 2.45

Lead: $8.00 – $32.00


45 days

$ 2.32

Lead: $25.00 US


120 days
Sandals & Beaches Resorts

$ 2.28

Sale: 4.00% US


90 days

$ 2.26

Sale: 100.00% US


30 days
Esurance Auto Insurance

$ 2.07

Lead: $5.00 US

Personal Insurance

30 days

Our old friend Structured Settlement Alliance is at the top spot. Here’s their number one banner with just over $4.00 in EPC:

I would imagine you need a certain type of site to have this banner pay off, but why not give it a shot anyway?

I also find it interesting that there are five loan offers in our top 10 considering that the loan rush is supposedly over (this according to the Federal Reserve). A newcomer to the list is Merrick Mattress, makers of the Angel memory foam bed. Interestingly enough they show a 7 day True EPC of $2.88, and all of the individual creatives that I saw show N/A as the 7 day EPC. Wierd.

If I had to pick the best pulling ad it would probably be Structured Settlement Alliance or Get Smart, but it’s difficult to tell this time around and the EPCs seem low to me.

On the whole, the average EPC across all of the categories is .21, which is definitely lower than I’m used to seeing. The gap between average Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Sale has also widened considerably, with PPS at .23 and PPL at .46, double for Lead over Sale. Take PPL over PPS in a heartbeat.

The top category in EPC is Investment with $1.02 EPC, followed by Loans at .74 and Financial Services at .72.

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