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Policing the Internet – Empty Promises

I have SO much stuff to share with everyone, but this came into my email tonight and I had to get it posted right away.

The FTC is cracking down on websites that falsely promise guaranteed jobs and opportunities to “be your own boss” to consumers who are struggling with unemployment and diminished incomes as a consequence of the economic downturn.

Wow…they’re not screwing around..This is serious alphabet soup here. This is the DOJ, the FTC, the USPS and various and sundry Attorneys General. Of course what struck me right away is all of these politicians accusing OTHER PEOPLE of empty promises.

Seriously folks, use your heads. Don’t spend you hard earned money on something that sounds too good to be true. Here’s a secret I use when I’m trying to figure out if something is legit or not. Take the product you’re questioning and google it along with the word SUCKS and/or SCAM. So in other words, if you’re looking up United Widgets, Google United Widgets Sucks or United Widget Scam. This way you will get any complaints about that company or that product to rise to the top of the Google results.

Yowza….we’re talking about a ton of money here. At the top of the list of this enforcement action seems to be a company called Ivy Capital, which allegedly bilked people out of $40 million.

telemarketers asked consumers how much credit they had on their credit cards and then talked them into using a substantial portion of their available credit to purchase a business coaching program. But the promised products and services were worthless, the complaint alleged. Ivy Capital’s “expert” coaches lacked the promised knowledge and experience, its website-building software programs did not work properly, and the lawyers and accountants the defendants said would provide assistance were nonexistent. Consumers paid up to $20,000 for a business coaching program and related products and services but got very little in return.

Wow…this is bad news. $20,000 for coaching? They should be ashamed of themselves. Let’s see… I put in Ivy Capital Sucks and Ivy Capital Scam and got pages and pages of complaints. So it does work.

And remember…most companies will happily provide you with samples of their products and actual testimonials of real people. Read them. Always go with your gut. I’ve walked away from multi-million dollar deals and royally pissed off my partners because my gut was telling me something wasn’t right. Listen to that.

You can always drop me an email. I can help too.

Look…business is rough. You have to work hard. Money doesn’t drop from the sky. You work hard for your money…don’t blow it on this crap.

There are a bunch of other companies mentioned in the article. You should take a look at the article. And WOW…look at the FTC. VERY Internet savvy. Music and everything. Here’s a video on Operation Empty Promises:

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