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The Scattered Web Entrepreneur

I’m a fan of Mark’s database of offers is a great resource if you’re looking for new ideas and trying to squeeze the most money out of the ideas you already have.

Mark also has interesting guests that come and offer webinars. I got an email recently about a webinar they were offering, and it sounded like they used me as the model:

Our group of presenters is lead by Dr. Veit U.B. Schenk, who has a PhD in medical imaging and a background in brain research. For the last 14 years, he has worked as a coach and he has helped countless people gain deep insights into the REAL reasons why they’re struggling so they can turn around their lives easily and effortlessly.

Hmmmm….where do I sign?

In this short, to-the-point but full of actionable gems presentation, you’ll discover:

  • •Why most Online entrepreneurs are struggling to build a solid Online business that feels like fun, instead of hard work, and how you can turn struggle into abundance in 5 easy steps;
  • The ONE big reason underlying 99% of all cases of overwhelm or lack of focus (resulting in you jumping from one opportunity to another) and how you can find that laser-like focus quickly and easily;
  • The scientifically proven way of eradicating any “bad” habit (like surfing the forums or checking your stats and email instead of finishing your current project) and replacing it with an empowering, money making new habit.
  • How to supercharge your imagination with a fun game that’s been proven effective in releasing the choke hold of poverty consciousness that can keep you stuck and broke!

Your Presenters have lots of education, three doctorates!! But it’s tempered with a sense of fun and tons of practical, real world experience in helping people get results!

My partner is always telling me that I save things until the last minute. That I don’t work efficiently. Blah Blah Blah (love ya babe!). So I remembered this email the other day and thought it sounded really good.

I was having trouble concentrating that day but I decided that I was indeed going to go for it. I would get a lot out of it and I would blog about it here.

It took me a long time to dig up the email in the mess I have of a filing system but I got it and I was excited and ready to go.

The webinar was last week.


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