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Affiliate Network Profiles

Here is some concise information on the major Affiliate Networks.

Commission Junction

CJ is in the top two for networks. I like the breadth of programs, but I am not at all impressed with their customer service. I am also disappointed that they don’t flag the programs that give you instant approval.

Program Types: Pay-Per-Lead, Pay-Per-Sale and a few Pay-Per-Click
Focus: Mostly B2C. Lots of financial, home and garden. Some B2B offerings.
Number of Programs: Several Thousand
Network-wide EPC: .26
User Dashboard: Okay, but a little kludgy
Pros: Many different programs, some are instant approval (though they don’t say)
Cons: Terrible customer service.

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ShareaSale is a smaller network that is very responsive to its affiliates. They are also in the affiliate program management business, which gives them some insights into the way things should be done. I like their dashboard because it uses icons to show you features like datafeeds, two tier programs and cookie life.

Program Types: Pay-Per-Lead, Pay-Per-Sale and a few Pay-Per-Click (must be an affiliate for a while to get PPC)
Focus: Leans B2C, but has a lot of B2B as well.
Number of Programs: A few thousand
Network-wide EPC: .14
User Dashboard: I like it a lot. Shows datafeeds and instant approvals.
Pros: Great dashboard, responsive to affiliates, datafeeds
Cons: Smaller than the big guys.

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ClickBank is an intermediary marketplace for information-based products. There are many good products, and many not-so-good. Be sure you know enough about the product before you recommend it. Read ClickBank Hucksters for more information.

Program Types: Pay-Per-Sale
Focus: Has plenty of products across a broad B2B and B2C spectrum
Number of Programs: Thousands
Network-wide EPC: Not revealed.
User Dashboard: A joke.
Pros: Great profit for the right products, breadth of information-based products is terrific.
Cons: Terrible reporting, no EPC numbers, a lousy but improving search facility.


LinkShare claims to be the oldest affiliate network, though I seem to remember BeFree (now part of CJ) before LinkShare. If you’re looking for B2C offers from mainstream companies, LinkShare is your network. I find them to be rigid in their procedures (changing passwords every few weeks with specific password requirements, those stupid bot-busting graphics before submitting forms, etc), and find the whole thing annoying. We’re not guarding nuclear missles here — we’re selling stuff.

Program Types: Mostly Pay-Per-Sale
Focus: Almost exclusively B2C from major companies. (They also have a limited B2B network)
Number of Programs: Thousands
Network-wide EPC: Haven’t spidered it yet.
User Dashboard: Not bad, but it can be confusing.
Pros: Great for B2C mainstream programs.
Cons: Mainstream programs means everyone has them, user interface is like Fort Knox.

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