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Ezines and Articles

Ezines are electronic magazines (newsletters too) targeted to a specific subject or group of people. There are thousands of them out there ranging in subscribers from twenty to fifty thousand.

So how can you leverage ezines to get visitors and make money?

The first method is to get them to carry one of your articles. I saw a HUGE bump in my visitor count and subscriptions as a result of one of my articles being carried in one of the major ezines. You can read all about it in How I quadrupled my daily visitor count.

That particular ezine charges $4000 for a well-placed ad (there are 50,000 subscribers). My article took up about half the issue. So I got several thousand dollars worth of advertising for free. I still get hits from the archive version of the article. I have found that the two major articles sites used by Ezines are and Idea Marketers. I’ve had much success with All it takes is for you to get carried by a few ezines to have a huge effect on your subscribership.

The other way to leverage ezines is to buy advertising space in them. It can be surprisingly inexpensive to get great exposure in your target group.

I’ve been looking over an ezine co-op called 2 Bucks an Ad, and as soon as this site redesign is finished I’m going to give it a try and see what happens. I would definitely suggest a landing page designed just for your Ezine advertising so you can tell how well it’s doing.

I’ve also heard good things about the Ezine Directory, though I haven’t tried it yet either.

Here are some tips:

1. Check out the back issues and do a reality check. Do you think the people who read this ezine will be interested in your products, and will perform the action (buy, lead, newsletter signup, etc) you’re looking for? Would you? If not, don’t advertise.

2. Make sure there aren’t too many ads in the ezine. If there are more than two or three yours is going to get lost.

3. See if you can ask the editor to mention your product or review your product in their newsletter. This will give you a recommendation that seems like an endorsement (because it is). The editor may not be willing to do this, but if you have a good product, perhaps even giving it for free to the editor to try, they may be willing to do it.

4. You could also try writing an article for the ezine or offering one you’ve already written. This is more free advertsing. Send an email to the editor offering the article, and include the idea, a synopsis or the article itself.

5. Test with a smaller number of subscribers. Some ezines will do this and some won’t. See if you can send your ad to a subset of subscribers instead of the whole list. Or you can see if they will test 3 or 4 different ads and then you can pick the best pulling one for the whole group.

6. Always go for the ad at the top of the ezine, as it is likely to have the best response.

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