Tips and Hints

Finding Freelancers

I’ve had great success hiring freelancers to handle graphics, programming, SEO and other tasks for my websites. Freelancers are simply contractors that do work in a specific area. Here are a few tips:

1. Use a site that handles payment for you. The ideal way to go is to not have to pay (the site) until the work is done, and they pay the freelancer. If this won’t fly, use an escrow service so that payment isn’t made until the work is done.

2. Make sure you agree on exactly what you’re buying. Outline what the deliverable is (what you’re receiving), when you’re going to receive it and how much you’re paying for it.

3. Use the phrase work for hire somewhere in your correspondence. Make sure the freelancer understands that the deliverable is a work for hire, meaning that you own all rights to it and the freelancer cannot sell it to someone else.

4. Check feedback, portfolio and experience. Make sure you’re getting the right person for the job.

Here are the sites where I’ve had success:

1. Elance. A great site with a wide range of skillsets to choose from. They do tend to be the most expensive, and the freelancers have to pay to be listed.

2. RentAcoder. I think this is the best site to find a programmer. There are many professional freelancers on this site and they will escrow funds for your project.

3. A big site with plenty of freelancers. For some reason I’ve never been thrilled with the user interface, though I have hired people from this site.

4. GetAFreelancer – This is another site I’ve used successfully for programmers and met some good people that I still keep in touch with. They also have an escrow program for payment.

5. FreelanceWell – Yet another site. Smaller than many of the other ones. They still have plenty of listings and plenty of freelancers to choose from.

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