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Using low-cost PPC advertising to drive clicks

This is a great way to get traffic to your site without spending a lot of money. Unfortunately, upward pressure on PPC keyword costs is making it more difficult to execute.

The first thing to remember is that you don’t have to use just Google to drive traffic and make money. You can use a smaller (and most times cheaper) PPC engine to drive the traffic to your site and then use AdSense as a revenue source. The key is traffic.

So how do you do it? The key is in picking the right keywords. Let’s say you want to sell pet supplies online. The words Pet Supplies are going to run you as much as .80 if you want to be in position 1. Position 2 (Drs. Foster and Smith are there in Overture) will cost about .50.

There are plenty of related keywords you can grab for much less. I picked a few to illustrate:

below wholesale pet supplies products = .10
Other pet supply sites: care a lot pet supplies = .10, cherrybrook pet supplies = .10, rc steele pet supplies = .10
small animal pet supplies = .10
pet supplies free shipping = .10
designer pet supplies = .10
buy online pet supplies = .10
wholesale pet supplies = .10
pet supplies catalog = .10
discounted pet supplies = .10
cheap pet supplies = .10
pet supplies New York = .10
horse and pet supplies = .10
pet supplies dealer = .10
retailers of pet supplies = .10

How did I find these? I used WordTracker to do it automagically, but you could go to the Overture keyword tool and find good keywords yourself, then plug them into the Overture Bid Tool to see what they’re going for. Time or money — it’s your choice. One of the reasons I like WordTracker is that they compensate for the grossly inflated numbers at Overture.

Just remember that you need as many of the cheap(er) words as you can find, because they are usually very narrow words or phrases, meaning that they’re not used as much as pet or pet supplies.

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