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I've been dying to use that one for years.

That's actually me helping my friend Eunice on the grill at Bagel Delight in my hometown of Newtown, CT

I made my fortune helping many of the Fortune 25 get online for the first time. Much has changed since then, but my experience can certainly be valuable for anyone trying to make it online these days.

So I've set up some pay-as-you-go consulting services for people who follow AffiliateBlog. Whether you want an opinion, some strategy or maybe even a place to start, I can help.

I'm putting together some plans for other service offerngs, including something that follows all the best performing offers and makes them available to subscribers. Whatever other offerings I come up with they will include some element of free consulting time, mostly because I enjoy talking with you and helping where I can.

Look forward to working with you.


Email Consultation:

The cost is $49 for up to 20 minutes of my time to research and answer your question. You will receive a return email a super secret email address used only for this purpose.




Telephone Consultation:

The cost varies depending on how much time you buy. We can keep track of how much time you have left. Time will be billed in 5 minute increments.