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PPC Network profiles

There are more PPC networks out there then just the big two (soon to be big three). Here’s my first shot at a list. Please email me if you think I missed a good one.

The big ones:

AdSense is the Big Kahuna Pay-Per-Click for publishers. They have the best algorithm for showing ads, and the companion AdWords for Advertisers is pretty impressive too. They are also the most expensive for placing ads. The addage has become Get them there with someone else and sell them AdSense.

Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) – Overture was one of the first ad networks (, and they were bought by Yahoo! Overture has less than half the impressions of Google, but gets you into more search results across different sites such as Altavista, Lycos, InfoSpace, HotBot and MSN.

MSN AdCenterMSN AdCenter. Microsoft’s entry in the race is still in its testing phase, but it will be formidable when it comes out.

BidClix – Uses channels to further narrow the list of sites where your ad appears. As the name implies, they use a bidding system.

BidVertiser – The twist with BidVertiser is that you bid on text link ad positions on each individual site. Sites are categorized and you pick from a list.

Kanoodle – A mainstream sponsored link PPC network. Sites include the Wall St. Journal, CBS MarketWatch, USA Today, and AP.

SearchFeed – Now part of FindWhat, SearchFeed has some great sites and are responsive to both advertisers and publishers.

TargetPoint – I don’t know much about this PPC Network, but I’m told they’re good and pay well.

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