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How to Get Traffic From Other Sites

Another question I see out there a lot. There are plenty of creative ways to get traffic from other sites.

1. Exchange Links.

Links have become increasingly important in search ranking and making money selling ads. The number of links to your site is one of the factors Google uses to guage link popularity, and link popularity affects your PageRank, which happens to be one of the factors that affects your organic search rank (how high you are in the results), and apparently how much you pay for AdWords.

There are link exchanges out there that will faciliate the exchanging of links with other sites. I like Link Metro. The only problem with link exchanges is that you get a lot of unrelated sites trying to link with yours. Google frowns upon sites that aren’t relevant to yours linking to your site. So if you’re going through the trouble to get the links, you may as well get relevant ones.

SiteSell has a great free service called Value Exchange, where they send you sites that match your site profile, and you choose whether to initiate a link exchange. It works well.

You could also buy software like Axandra Arelis or even SEO Elite (software I use every day) that allows you to find and contact similar sites to initiate a link exchange.

Make sure you add their link before you email them, and in the email let them know how linking to your site will benefit them.

What can you do to get the site to exchange links with you?

Everyone needs more links, so if you have a site that fits with theirs (and doesn’t compete), there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be pleased to exchange links. Just remember that there has to be something in it for them. For most people, another link should be enough. What if it isn’t?

Offer them an incentive of some kind. That’s exactly how an affiliate program works. If you have an affiliate program try to get them to join up. If it’s not a formal program, offer them a free copy of your product if they link to you. You could also offer them a free ad on your site in addition to the reciprocal link.

Some ideas and suggestions:

a. Try faxing or phoning your most wanted webmasters. You can get the data from the whois record most of the time.

b. Don’t send out form emails. Make sure that your email (or fax) is individualized, and tells them what’s in it for them. Use the person’s name and outline specific benefits.

c. If you don’t have good content they won’t link to you anyway, so make sure you do.

d. If the webmaster doesn’t respond to your first email, try sending a reminder email a week later. This can be very effective.

e. Use a database or spreadsheet to track contacts and responses.

f. Create a template email that you can use to save time. SEO Elite does this for you.

2. Post in forums and include your site and a blurb in the signature.

This has been very effective for me, and it’s really easy. Plus you can help people out by offering a hand with a question or problem they have that is in your area of expertise.

I get into more detail on this in my post My Most Successful Traffic Builder So Far.

3. Write articles and include your site info in the bio.

There’s been a lot of talk about the duplicate content penalty (Google knocking down your PageRank or search results position because of your articles). I’ve been climbing up the search results for two months now, and I’m on the first page for some fairly competitive keywords. I have more than 200 links from sites that have published my articles.

Articles have done well for me, and they can help you as well. You can read more about this in
How I quadrupled my daily visitor count in one month.

4. Buy links. You would be surprised how inexpensive this can be. Text Link Ads is the 800 pound gorilla here, but there are plenty of other places that do the same thing. I am not particularly impressed with Text Link Ads as a company. AdBrite has a good program for banners and other ads as well.

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